The Thing

Arrow Video has restored the celebrated sci-fi horror movie “The Thing” in stunning 4K quality and carefully wrapped it in this tantalizing SteelBook® edition. The icy details get an interesting play from the metal canvas and fits perfectly with the dark blue tones in the artwork.

A research team based out in the snowy wilds of Antartica find themselves beseiged by a terrifying, shape-shifting creature which has found its way into their base. When it becomes clear that the creature can take the form of any organism it so chooses, the tension within the team reaches breaking point any one of them could be… The Thing.

The limited edition includes:

Brand new restoration from a 4K scan of the original negative, supervised and approved by director John Carpenter and director of photography Dean Cundey

Audio commentary by John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell

Who Goes There? In Search of The Thing an all-new feature length documentary produced by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures exploring the history of The Thing, from the original novella to John Carpenter’s terrifying science fiction classic. Featuring new interviews with the cast and crew, as well as authors, historians, and critics

1982: One Amazing Summer an all-new retrospective documentary produced by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures about the unforgettable films released in the summer of 1982

John Carpenter’s The Thing: Terror Takes Shape archive documentary on the background and production of the film

Vintage Featurettes, Outtakes, Behind-the-Scenes, Trailers, Teasers, TV and Radio Spots and a still Galleries

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  • Release Date
    23 Oct 2017
  • Locations
    United Kingdom
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  • Genres
    Movies + TV
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  • Publisher
    Arrow Films
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