Kill Bill Vol. 2

Nova Media Exclusive #12 is the sequel Kill Bill Vol. 2! This glossy beauty matches its yellow predecessor by using the same yellow, black and red colour scheme. The debossed title treatment gives it a perfect final touch.

Nova Media has created different collector’s packages for this edition. They are all individual numbered and with different extras such as lenticular slips, full slips, wood coasters, posters, booklets, post cards and character cards.

Having already crossed two names from her Death List, the Bride resumes her quest for justice, taking aim at Budd and Elle Driver, the only survivors from the squad of assassins who betrayed her four years earlier. It’s all leading up to the ultimate confrontation with Bill The Bride’s former master and the man who ordered her execution.

Check out Kill Bill Vol. 1 here

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  • Release Date
    23 Jun 2017
  • Locations
    South Korea
  • Formats
  • Genres
    Movies + TV
  • Finishes
    Debossing, Glossy
  • Publisher
Where to buy
Asia Pacific