🎯 Two spies, one target 🎯

1980, South Korea. After the assassination of President Park by the Korean CIA, the army takes power again. North Korea saw this as an opportunity for a future invasion, and sent one of its spies there. Park Pyeong-Ho and Kim Jung-Do, two senior South Korean security officials, are assigned to track down the infiltrator. A terrible race against time begins. The situation of the two Koreas is on the verge of implosion and the two agents, in the course of their investigation, are going to unearth heavy secrets that threaten to change the history of the country.

🎬 From director Lee Jung-jae (SQUID GAME)

🇮🇹 Italian release will follow

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  • Release Date
    14 Jun 2023
  • Locations
    France, Germany, Italy
  • Formats
    4K + Blu-ray™
  • Genres
    Movies + TV
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