Gremlins 1 and 2

Remember the Gremlins? This matte treated SteelBook® collection includes both 80’s classics and lots of extras that will take you down memory lane together with these little creatures. The white layer is creatively used to make the shadow gremlin.

A small town is besieged by some furry and not-so-cute little creatures after a young man ignores the warnings of a wise elder regarding their care and feeding.

Gremlins is a wildly original roller-coaster ride of hilarious mischief! One minute your hair will stand on end, the next you’ll hold your sides with laughter at the havoc these supposedly gentle fur balls create when the rules surrounding their care and feeding are inadvertently broken one fateful Christmas.

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  • Release Date
    13 Jul 2016
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    Movies + TV
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    Warner Bros. Entertainment
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