Cabin In The Woods

The 4K UHD version of Joss Whedon’s acclaimed meta-horror makes its UK debut in this brand new SteelBook. This dual disc steelbook also contains the Blu-Ray disc, and features a wealth of extras including featurettes on the film’s impressive use of visual effects, make-up and animatronics. Release in October 2018.

A rambunctious group of five college friends steals away for a weekend of debauchery in an isolated country cabin, only to be attacked by horrific supernatural creatures in a night of endless terror and bloodshed. Sound familiar? Just wait. As the teens begin to exhibit standard horror-movie behaviour, a group of technicians in a control room are scrutinizing, and sometimes even controlling, every move the terrified kids make! With their efforts continually thwarted by an all-powerful “eye in the sky,” do they have any chance of escape?

Copyright = Programme Content and Photography: © 2011 Lions Gate Films Inc. Motion Picture Artwork: © 2012 Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK. All Rights Reserved. Package Design: © 2018 Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK. All rights Reserved.

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    United Kingdom
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    4K UHD, Blu-ray
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    Movies + TV
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    Gloss Varnish
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