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Design Options


By using high-tech printing techniques, we are able to design and create an almost infinite array of images. We offer printing in offset quality using up to 6 colours.

100% merchandising and printing space on both the exterior and interior of a SteelBook case.

And as an added option, Scanavo now offers a new concept: SteelBook Label. The concept is available at very low MOQs without compromising with the quality of the packaging. For more information on SteelBook Label, please contact our sales department.



A selection of matte, glossy and our own special lacquers provide you with the opportunity to create special effects on your SteelBook® case. Be creative or be inspired! See an array of SteelBook® solutions, each with a special feature and design in our Catalogue.


Embossing Debossing

Embossing and debossing are a unique way to create extra appeal. While creating an eye-catching, stylish finish it also allows you to further emphasize your company logo, title, and other artwork features.